Top 3 Hemorrhoid Treatments

If you've hemorrhoids, this article will explain to you the top three choices for when it comes to treat either external or internal piles.

Before continuing with this informative article I want you to comprehend that having piles is extremely common and easy to treat in the first stages of the condition, so you've nothing to worry about. I’d also like to recommend you a visit to a medical professional so that he can prescribe some of the meds used on the treatments we are about to discuss.

An important thing that I need you to understand first is that most non surgical hemorrhoid treatments that you’ll be exposed to, don’t fix the specific cause of the problem. They simply alleviate the symptoms. If you really want to get rid of this persistent condition than I recommend you learn more in depth what causes hemorrhoids so that you can eliminate the behaviors that caused them in the first place.

Creams and lotions are usually the top choice when dealing with external piles. These are topical solutions that you rub on the affected area to create a sense of temporary relaxation enabling you to have more comfort dealing with your day to day tasks. Most people report positive results using creams but they are usually not a complete cure for the problem.

Note: If you've external piles there are a few non prescription lotions available but check with your medical professional first, just to be safe.

When it comes to an internal hemorrhoid treatment solution, suppositories are often the first choice. These are used by people who suffer from internal piles that usually don’t cause pain but can be detected if blood is found in the stools or toilet paper.

Note: Finding blood on the stools is usually a sign that you suffer from internal hemorrhoids but you should IMMEDIATELY consult with a medical expert as there’s the possibility of it being colon cancer.

After you insert the suppository in your anus, the suppository will increase the lubrication inside your anal cavity, preventing your hemorrhoids from rupturing during a bowel movement. Some people report positive results while others don’t get any beneficial symptoms so you’ll have to test this method yourself and see what it works for you.

The last method I need to mention in this short article is pills that control the blood pressure in your body. Some people notice positive results using this method but I must warn you that some people can get some nasty side effects from the pills so make sure your first check it with your doctor.

If none of the above treatments work for you, you still have other options such as holistic treatment, surgery and pph. your doctor is the only person qualified to give you the right answer so make sure you consult with him before making any final decisions.

To learn more on the subject of hemorrhoid treatment you can look at the writer’s website. Always ask a medical expert to decide the best hemorrhoid treatment for you. The author, Mark V. Gholler.